Westwood has ministered to the people of Lubbock and the surrounding area for over 40 years. We are a Non-Denominational Congregation. We began our journey on the corner of 38th and Avenue B. After years of growth we bought our property at 87th and Upland Avenue and began work on what has turned out to be a 4 stage building project over the next few years. We are currently planning another project on the South side of our property. This will be a gym and activity center for the church and for the community. Growth continues all around us with new housing additions and commercial developments that are creating and exciting and high energy culture. We woiuld love to have you join us one Sunday to see if Westwood is what you are looking for. We are not a mega church,  but we are a loving church. There is nothing wrong with the Mega Church movement, it's awesome, and yet the smaller church offers opportunities that are not found in larger settings. We just have a great group of folks who love God and love one another. Hope we can meet you soon and get to know one another better. Blessings.